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Course Dates, 2008


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Adobe Photoshop and Image Editing

Finding a way into the very large world of image manipulation

A course for photo enthusiasts and professionals

Class size:  Maximum 3, minimum 2

Cost:   $200

All courses offer 8 hours of instruction divided into four 2 hour sessions.


Adobe Photoshop is a very big program.  Photoshop’s powerful versatility is sometimes its most limiting factor, and causes most of the confusion.  “If there are 10 ways to do the same thing, which one should I choose?”


It’s important to have a good starting point, a good base.  In this course we will concentrate on becoming proficient with the selection tools, and with manipulating layers.  Many of Photoshop’s other functions will become manageable after those two areas come under control.


We will work with color and density controls, adding text, preparing images for web presentation, and printing.  We will also examine the automated tools — proof sheets, web display, picture packages — that save hours of time.


This course will be taught from the standpoint of a working photographer.  We will work with examples to show how problems get solved in a real working environment.


For those who have installed Photoshop Elements,  the instruction  will be oriented to that program.  


This course is a logical follow-on to the Digital Basics course, which offers an introduction to the digital workflow.  It is a good idea to have a solid grasp of the issues covered in the Digital Basics course before venturing into the more complex world of image editing. 



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